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Nicknamed the \"Keystone\" state, Pennsylvania played a key role in our country\'s past by serving as a hub of democracy and by establishing the government of the original thirteen colonies.

Spring in Pennsylvania is ushered in by a profusion of white and lavender flower blossoms that line the state\'s highways, making the scenery beautiful and leaving the citizens of this great state with a refreshing feeling of pride. Not only does Pennsylvania draw history buffs aplenty, but it is also a sport fisherman\'s paradise with over 4,000 miles of cold water streams that contain fantastic Brook Trout fishing opportunities. So, after you book your quality discounted hotel room here, don\'t forget to pack a rod and reel for that fishing trip.

Visitors to Pennsylvania can tour early pioneer settlements and relive the past, take a step back in time to the beginning of the United States, or simply enjoy the outdoors. With a population of 12 million people, the state\'s largest city is Philadelphia. With all the excitement of a major city, Philadelphia has great food and entertainment. You can find great deals on comfortable, discounted hotel accommodations. Or, here you can visit the Liberty Bell and run the stairs where the famous movie \"Rocky\" was filmed.

Pittsburgh, made a great comeback after the steel industry fell here. It has miraculously dusted itself off and transformed into a center for higher education, robotics, and health care. As these industries have grown so has the tourism this city attracts. Dubbed \"the poor man\'s San Francisco\" due to the many plunging streets here, Pittsburgh has a lot of charm to explore. Book your convenient, low rate motel room here and see what memories you can create in Pittsburgh.

Sporting two major performance centers, The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts and The Forum, in addition to being the state\'s capital, Harrisburg has a lot to offer tourists. In 2001, the downtown area renovated its commercial nightlife developments and is currently a destination where you can experience jazz festivals and Top-40 nightclubs. If agriculture is more your style, Harrisburg has the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest of its kind in the nation. Wherever you interests lie, you\'ll find great discounted hotel rooms to choose from here.

Lancaster, heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country (though the Dutch didn\'t really settle here; it was the Germans), is home to the largest Old Order Amish population in the United States. And, while visitors enjoy a trip here to visit a simpler lifestyle, the metropolitan area of Lancaster is thoroughly modern with all the amenities you\'d expect. Book a low cost motel room here on motel.com and experience two very diverse cultures.

Pennsylvania\'s third largest city,Allentown, has a beautiful parks system, a vibrant cultural scene, a rich history and a bright future. As part of the third largest metropolitan area here, Allentown is not only a tourist destination itself, but is just a few short miles from other tourist towns that include Philadelphia (55 miles), New York City (96 miles), Wilmington (75 miles), Harrisburg (85 miles) and Baltimore (152 miles). Book a cheap motel here, and you can see all the large Mid-Atlantic metropolitan areas and save some money too.


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