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Like to browse for antiques? Motel.com will help you find some great stores close to where you want to stay. Enter the city of your choice in the search box. You will find great deals on hotels, listed by price, name or popularity. Type in your travel dates in the spaces to the right and see what discounted rates are available. You can even secure your reservations by clicking on the hotel's website.

Next, Motel.com can assist you in finding all the places to see and things you will want to do around town. Just click on the Landmarks & Attractions tab, or browse by city. You'll be amazed at the wealth of information Motel.com provides—from attractions and museums, to nearby airports and theatres, to the best deals in town on motels so you can save your cash for that special antique you'll want to buy.

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Name City Address  
Il Buco New York City, US  47 Bond St 
Knott's Soak City USA Buena Park, US  8039 Beach Blvd 
The Redneck Shop Laurens, US  108 W Laurens St 
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