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Hotels near Encinitas Beach in Encinitas, CA

Encinitas is located in North San Diego County, the southernmost county in the Western United States. With six miles of rugged coastline and 21.5 square miles of land, Encinitas enjoys ocean views and a great surfing culture from San Elijo Lagoon on the southern end of this surfer's paradise to Batiquitos Lagoon to the north. For tourists, surfing and beaches are one major attraction in this laid back beach town with a long and esteemed history of great surfing and skilled surfers. In addition to those in the water, the surf culture is an attraction for the "old guys who rule" as they drive along Coast Highway in their classic cars, bringing their woods, or woodies to Moonlight Beach for an annual woody meet. Sometimes it can be cool and foggy, but most days of the year, expect sunshine and a happy face as you arrive in Encinitas. We recommend your first be the beach when you get to the city on Coast Highway, or exit Interstate 5, also known as San Diego Freeway, where the road signs say Encinitas.

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