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Hotels near Adler Graduate School in Hopkins, MN

The Adler graduate school, located in Minnesota, is a unique institution of higher learning that employs a very specific philosophy to its teaching principles and programs. This school of thought was initiated by a psychiatrist named Alfred Adler, who believed in a need to “understand individuals within their social context.” This viewpoint of Adler's began to take shape in the early 1900s when he started to contemplate and approach issues such as equality, parent education and the influence of birth order, among other ideas. One of the core tenants of Adlerian theory is rooted in common sense, it states: encouragement and acceptance breeds positive behavior, while discouragement breeds negative behavior. At Adler, students have a choice between several graduate courses that pertain to the social sciences within the scope of Adler's philosophy. There are several hotels near Adler Graduate School in Hopkins, MN for prospective students and their families to stay at while vetting out the school.

According to the Adler Graduate School website, this idea has proven especially successful with children. Other areas that are covered within Adlerian theory are treatment, unity of the individual, mental health, feeling of community, self-determination and uniqueness, social context and goal orientation. As a result of his work, the Adler Graduate school's vision statement is: “Transforming society through Social Interest in action.”

Nestled within the town of Richfield Minnesota, students are able to experience the core values of Adler's eponymous institution, which ensure an environment that is culturally diverse, non-discriminatory and committed to “Training human services professionals to facilitate healthy and fulfilling [sic] life styles for people, organizations and communities through graduate education and community involvement.”

In addition to the educational courses offered at Adler, prospective students may be pleased to know that most classes are scheduled with working adults in mind. Students are able to separate and mix up course requirements through weekend and evening classes and online coursework that facilitates the busy lifestyles of today's ambitious graduate degree-seeking population. Hotels near Adler Graduate School are a convenient way for families to visit students during holidays and breaks in between semesters.

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