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Hotels near Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, AK

Alaska Pacific University is ideal for active, adventure-minded students, but also provides an adult undergraduate education program designed specifically for working adults who need flexible schedules. Located in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, prospective students who love the outdoors will not be disappointed. Anchorage is Alaska's biggest city and offers a civilized, urban atmosphere in the middle of the one of the world's most revered, untapped, natural landscapes. Mountains, valleys and the Alaska Pacific University (APU) Nordic Ski Center offer a unique playground for student activities and a one-of-a-kind college experience.

The university's mission statement includes the sentence “Emphasizes personal growth through student-centered, experimental education using Alaska, the Arctic, and the Pacific Rim as laboratories for learning.” To this end, they've kept the school intentionally small as well as the classes, which allows them a unique opportunity to guide full-time students on a number of outdoor adventures and out-of-classroom learning expeditions such as a three-week trek to a glacier in the mountaineering course. Students will be pleased to welcome their friends and family for visits, to show them the city of Anchorage. Nearby hotels to Alaska Pacific University are available for easy and fast accommodation year-round.

The school has a respectable range of associate, bachelor and master degree programs. From business and elementary school education to marine biology and environmental science, there is a variety of fields of study for a variety of interests. Students of all year-levels are welcome to use on-campus housing during their course of study at APU. There are dorm halls and a set of two-story duplex homes for students who do not wish to live in the dorms. For students interested living off campus, Anchorage provides a number of options.

Two programs, in particular will interest students who want to see what the nature of Alaska has to offer. The Journeys program is a school-sponsored and faculty-led trip that includes camping, kayaking and backpacking. It's a bonding experience for new students and an opportunity for older students to impart APU advice. The APU Nordic Ski Center is a cross-country training center for Olympic skiers and has attracted many elite skiers to study at Alaska Pacific University. It's trainers are world-renowned and service the community at-large as well as APU students and alumni.

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