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Hotels near Albany State University in Albany, GA

Albany State University, located in the small town of Albany, Georgia, boasts a large campus, full curriculum and a host of activities to keep students busy aside from their studies. The quiet, suburban atmosphere of the town is ideal for a university-setting and students will not have to be concerned with outside distractions. The town has a number of restaurants and shops to provide those attending the college with desired amenities off-campus. Hotels near Albany State College are able to accommodate visiting guests of students year-round.

With 148 full-time faculty members and a ratio of 19 faculty for every 1 student, there never need be concern that academics are placed second to the number of other activities that students are able to participate in. There are dozens of registered student organizations and clubs, off-campus university-supported activities and a number of sporting and recreational options to choose from. Football, basketball, golf, softball, volleyball, track and field and cheerleading foster close relationships between teammates and provide a social outlet in the form of pep rallys, games and meetings.

Albany State University offers on-campus housing for freshman (who are required to live on-campus) as well as upperclassmen. Doorm rooms and apartments are furnished and separated into women-only and coeducational buildings and halls. Students are able to connect with chosen roommates to help transition them to campus life.

Prospective students have a wide variety of study options to choose from at ASU. Founded in 1903, the college originally supported industrial education to African Americans, but has since branched out into both undergraduate and graduate degree programs open to all races. Though the school focuses on the importance of liberal arts, there is a school of business as well as one of sciences and health professions. The calm and quiet setting coupled with the variety of activity and recreational options, as well as faculty support, give students a quality college experience.

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