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Hotels near Amberton University in Garland, TX

Amberton University

Amberton University is located in Garland, Texas, a small town that is considered to be part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. This school is a nondenominational private, college that adheres to a Christian philosophy for its teaching methodology. They believe “all employees of the University believe that Jesus of the New Testament Bible is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Christ, the Savior. We believe that our Lord has blessed and continues to bless our service in Christian education, and that Amberton University has been shaped by Christian values and devotion to academic excellence in educating working adults.”

It is this focus on “working adults” that makes Amberton college unique in the array of United States higher learning institutions. Amberton does not admit any student under the age of 21. They are entirely devoted to adults who are seeking an education after years of working, those looking to receive a graduate degree or a second bachelor's degree while working. As such they offer no on-campus housing, though students will find a selection of affordable housing in the Garland area. They do not have an athletic department nor do they offer the traditional host of student clubs and organizations.Visiting family or friends can find hotels near Amberton University in Garland, TX.

They do offer a variety of courses of study from business, religion and science to psychology, history and humanities. They offer a scheduling of classes that is commensurate with a working adult schedule and also have distance learning options, in which classes can be taken online.

Though students may not live on campus, they are surrounded by an array of socializing, cultural and studying options in the surrounding area of Garland. Only an hour away from Fort Worth and 20 minutes away from Dallas, there are a vast number of coffee shops, restaurants bars and nightlife for students to meet with one another at for study groups or a break from the rigors of working and studying simultaneously. There are sporting arenas, theaters and a number of outdoor activities to enjoy in the Dallas-Fortworth areas as well. For working adults, Amberton University offers commendable options mixed with Southern charm and Christian ideals.

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