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Hotels near American University in Washington Dc, DC

American University is a private, co-education liberal arts college located in a residential neighborhood in northwest Washington, DC. The main campus is 89 acres. There are also some other smaller campuses in northwest Washington. It offers bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees including law degrees. There are programs in the arts and sciences, business, public affairs, professional and extended studies, communication, and international service. American University has an internationally diverse campus. Students come from 130 countries and all 50 states.

Because of its location in the nations' capitol, many of the students have a political focus. The school has an international program. Washington, DC offers visitors and residents the US Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, numerous art museums like the Smithsonian and the National Art Gallery and great culture including the JFK Center for the Performing Arts. There are also professional sports teams in hockey, football, basketball and baseball.

Access throughout Washington is by an extensive subway system. Many trains arrive regularly because Washington is the nation's capital. You can get to American University at the Tenleytown-AU station on the Washington Metro subway line. The appeal of Washington and American University is also regional as many northern and southern students both attend American University. There are many hotels in Washington, DC and in the surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia.

Founded by the Methodist, John Hurst, in 1893, for graduate students, American university is now home to students who practice a wide range of faiths. In 1925, the university began admitting undergraduates. Student enrollment is over 13,000. There are over 50 buildings, 10 of which are residence halls. American University has a large creative arts center with an art museum. It also participates in club and intercollegiate sports programs. Residents are encouraged to attend lectures and enjoy American university arts and education programs. American has an extensive fraternity and sorority system. The school mascot is the eagle.

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