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Hotels near Antioch University Los Angeles in Culver City, CA

Antioch University Los Angeles is part of the Antioch University system. Horace Mann, an educator who believed in reform, founded the Antioch University System in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Mann is given credit for helping found the American public education system. He was an abolitionist. Antioch was the first college to hire female faculty on the same level as male faculty. The Ohio campus expanded to Seattle, Washington; Santa Barbara California; Los Angeles, California; and Keene, New Hampshire;

The Los Angeles campus offers undergraduate degrees in liberal arts and a bridge degree for underprivileged adults. It also offers graduate degrees in organizational management, nonprofit management, psychology, urban sustainability, creative writing and education. It is now independent from the Antioch System.

The University is located in a three story building in Culver City, California at 400 Corporate Pointe. There's no sprawling campus. Out-of the box thinking is encouraged. It is located 20 minutes from Hollywood and 20 minutes from Los Angeles Airport. In downtown Culver City there are numerous hotels like Culver Hotel and West End Hotel. Restaurant cuisines include American, French, Japanese, Greek, Mexican and others.

The University encourages sustainability. Students and faculty get to the campus by public transportation and bike. Recycled paper and soy-based inks are encouraged. The Antioch University Los Angeles community is encouraged to donate eyeglasses and books and is dedicated to climate neutrality. Antioch University Los Angeles boasts that its sports teams never lose – that's because they don't have any sports teams.

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