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Baylor College of Dentistry is part of Texas A&M University. It is also part of the Texas A&M Science Center. It's located in Dallas, Texas. One-third of all dentists in Texas received their education from Baylor College of Dentistry. Two-thirds of Dallas, Texas dentists attended Baylor College of Dentistry. The College began over 100 years ago, in 1905. Its original affiliation (for over 50 years) was with Baylor University. For 25 years it operated independently. Its affiliation with Texas A&M University System began in 1996. Three years later it became associated with Texas A&M's Science Center.

There are programs for dentistry and dental hygiene. For 2009, the student enrollment for both disciplines was 568. The large majority of undergraduate students are Texas residents. Over half of the graduate and postdoctoral students are also Texas residents. There have been about 8,000 graduates since its founding.

Baylor College of Dentistry offers a variety of degrees including a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene, a Masters of Science degree and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. The program is internationally recognized for its achievements. The American Health Magazine named the school one of the top 4 schools in the country for geriatric dentistry, endodontics and periodontology.

Baylor College of Dentistry, in 2002, opened Texas's first dental simulation clinic. The clinic includes over 100 simulated stations. The school is also known for its research. In 2008, it was awarded a prestigious grant from the National Institute of Health for research education in oral health. Texas A&M's Baylor College of Dentistry (TAMBCD) approach to dental care is patient-centered. It emphasizes clinical education, faculty mentors and the use of computers to track success. TAMBCD's Bridge to Dentistry program attempts to get students from underserved populations and areas to apply to the school and attempts for to guide its graduates to work in those underserved locations. Each year TAMBCD completes care on over 100,000 patients. In-state tuition and fees is just over $8,200. Out-of state tuition is about $17,500.

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