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Hotels near Beacon College in Leesburg, FL

Beacon College was founded in 1989 as a private school. It is located in Leesburg, Florida on a 5 acre campus in a city setting. It was the first college in the country specifically targeted to students will learning disabilities. The disabilities include autism, dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Beacon College offers Bachelor of Arts degrees and Associate degrees in a variety of disciplines including psychology, human services, computer information technology, business management and interdisciplinary studies. It is licensed by the Department of Education for Florida and has a local accreditation through a Southern education association.

Beacon College uses a semester bases schedule. Tuition and fees are near $30,000. 12 students is the average class size. There are support services for all students and special accommodations for the respective disabilities.

The College is located in Leesburg, Florida, approximately 50 miles northwest of Orlando. More information about visiting Beacon. There are 200 students who come from 12 foreign countries and 35 US states. All of the full-time faculty have a doctorate or a master's degree. Close to 70% have the highest degree attainable in their field. The freshman student retention rate is 84%. The overall graduation rate is over three out of four. Beacon College is working on a cultural studies program and a travel program to London, England for 2014.

Graduates of Beacon have been successful in various endeavors such as film and technology. Some work for other companies. Some have created their own company to focus on disability support. Graduates remark that Beacon College had people who understood their disability yet worked so the student could assert himself/herself. The President of Beacon College is George J. Hagerty who worked with the US Department of Education, as a professor in Greece and as president of a consulting company that advised schools of higher learning in the US and abroad. The Beacon College model for learning and education is the Paul/Edler model.

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