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Bennington College is a private, non-sectarian institution located in Bennington, Vermont. Solidly grounded in the liberal arts tradition, Bennington was the first college in the United States to include the visual and performing arts in a liberal arts education. Planning for the establishment of Bennington was begun in 1923. In 1924, a meeting of civic leaders and educators was held, a charter was secured and a board of trustees formed. The first class of eighty-seven students, all women, arrived on the new campus in 1932. The college quickly found itself at the forefront of the modern dance movement and attracted painters, sculptors, actors and writers from all over the country. Today, Bennington continues to provide artists, scientists, writers and scholars with an institution where they can actively guide their own education.

Bennington has an enrollment of approximately 680 undergraduate and 140 graduate students. The school offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, Master of Fine Arts degrees in the Performing Arts and Writing and Literature, Master of Arts degrees in Teaching and Teaching a Second Language, as well as a post-baccalaureate certificate in Premedical and Allied Health Sciences. The college employs what it calls the “Plan Process” in which students must take responsibility in the design and evaluation of their education. Additionally, each academic year, students participate in a seven-week off-campus program called the “Field Work Term,” in which they pursue jobs and internships in line with their individual areas of study.

Bennington’s campus is situated on 400 mostly wooded acres with over sixty academic, administrative and auxiliary buildings, as well as twenty-one student and fifteen faculty/staff houses. The vast majority of Bennington students choose to live on-campus where they can participate in a variety of student clubs and organizations, outdoor activities and intramural sports. Although there is no varsity intercollegiate sports program, Bennington College does sponsor a coed soccer team that competes against neighboring high schools.

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