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We honor special events and people in our history with monuments and landmarks. At Motel.com we'll help your vacation become a special event by guiding you to deeply discounted hotel rates close to the sites you want to see. It's easy. Click on the "view hotels nearby" link and low-cost motels will pop up with the ones closest to the monument or landmark first. Sort by popularity, price range or brand name. Read reviews, check the availability of rooms during the days you will be travelling and more.

That's not all. Through the Motel.com you can research the city to find other Landmarks & Attractions you may wish to visit. Our team has listed the places of interest in most of the major cities in the US and Canada. That way you can plot your vacation time, see all you want to see and still stay in a top-notch hotel close by which offers great deals on room rates. Your family or group will be so pleased, they may erect a monument to you!

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Name City Address  
Palacio Episcopal de Astorga Astorga, ES   
Palacio Real Madrid, ES   
Palacio Real de Aranjuez Aranjuez, ES   
Palacio Real de Miramar San Sebastian, ES   
Palais d'Egmont Brussels, BE   
Palais de Justice Montpellier, FR  rue Foch 
Palais de Justice Rennes, FR   
Palais de la Nation Brussels, BE   
Palais du Luxembourg Paris, FR  15, rue de Vaugirard 
Palazzina Liberty Milan, IT  Largo Marinai d'Italia 
Palazzo Chigi Saracini Siena, IT   
Palazzo dei Giureconsulti Milan, IT  Via Mercanti 
Palazzo della Mercanzia Bologna, IT  Piazza della Mercanzia 
Palazzo della Penna Perugia, IT   
Palazzo di Giustizia Milan, IT  Corso di Porta Vittoria 
Palazzo Ducale Genoa, IT  Piazza Matteotti, 5 
Palazzo Sanuti Bevilacqua Bologna, IT  Via D'Azeglio, 31 
Palmer Auditorium Austin, US  400 South First St 
Pantheon Rome, IT   
Pantheon Paris, FR  Place du Pantheon 
Panticosa Panticosa, ES   
Paradeplatz Zurich, CH   
Parc Paradisio Brugelette, BE   
Paris's Gate Lille, FR   
Park Square Leeds, UK   
Park Wedding Chapel Reno, US  136 South Virginia St 
Parliament Oslo, NO   
Parliament Building Helsinki, FI   
Parliament Square London, UK   
Partnachklamm Garmisch Partenkirchen, DE   
Pas de la Casa Encamp, AD   
Passerelle des Arts Paris, FR   
Path Train Station Newark, US   
Patio do Colegio Sao Paulo, BR  Patio do Colegio 
Pauls Church / Emperors Church Frankfurt, DE   
Pavilion at the Old Post Office Washington Dc, US  1100 Pennsylvania Ave Northwest 
Peabody Hotel Memphis, US  149 Union Ave 
Peabody Museum of Natural History New Haven, US  170 Whitney Ave 
Peace Statue Brighton, UK  Kings Road 
Peacekeeping Monument Ottawa, CA  Sussex Drive 
Pearl Harbor Honolulu, US   
Pearl Street Mall Boulder, US  Pearl St 
Pembroke College Oxford, UK  Pembroke Street 
Pentagon Arlington, US  Arlington 
Performing Arts Center Austin, US  23rd Street and Robert Dedman Drive 
Perron Liege, BE   
Perrott's Folly Birmingham, UK  Waterworks Road 
Pete's Famous Hot Dogs Birmingham, US  1925 2nd Ave North 
Petersen House Washington Dc, US  516 10th St Northwest 
Pfalz Basel, CH   
Philharmonic House Essen Essen, DE   
Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center Phoenix, US  111 North Third St 
Phoenix Greyhound Park Phoenix, US  3801 East Washington St 
Piazza Barberini Rome, IT  Piazza Barberini 
Piazza Barberini Rome, IT   
Piazza Bellini Naples, IT  Piazza Bellini 
Piazza C.L.N. Turin, IT  Via Roma 
Piazza Carlo Felice Turin, IT  Piazza Carlo Felice 
Piazza Castello Turin, IT  Piazza Castello 
Piazza Cavour Rome, IT  Piazza Cavour 
Piazza Cavour Rimini, IT  Corso d'Augusto 
Piazza Dante Naples, IT  Piazza Dante 
Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta Rome, IT  Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta 
Piazza dei Signori Verona, IT  Piazza dei Signori 
Piazza del Campo Siena, IT   
Piazza del Duomo Milan, IT  Piazza del Duomo 
Piazza del Nettuno Bologna, IT   
Piazza del Popolo Rome, IT   
Piazza della Signoria Florence, IT   
Piazza delle Medaglie Turin, IT   
Piazza di Spagna Rome, IT   
Piazza Garibaldi Parma, IT  Piazza Garibaldi 
Piazza Grande Modena, IT   
Piazza Grande Piazza IV Novembre Perugia, IT   
Piazza Maggiore Bologna, IT   
Piazza Navona Rome, IT  Piazza Navona 
Piazza San Carlo Turin, IT  Piazza San Carlo 
Piazza Tre Martiri Rimini, IT  Corso d'Augusto 
Piazza Vecchia Bergamo, IT   
Piazza Vittorio Veneto Turin, IT  Piazza Vittorio Veneto 
Piazzale Cadorna Milan, IT  Piazzale Cadorna 
Piazzale Ugo La Malfa Rome, IT  Piazzale Ugo La Malfa 
Piccadilly Circus London, UK   
Pilgrim Monument Provincetown, US  High Pole Hill Road 
Pioneer Courthouse Portland, US  555 Southwest Yamhill St 
Pioneer Memorial Tucson, US  200 Sixth Ave 
Pioneer Plaza Dallas, US  Young and Griffin Streets 
Pisa Cathedral Pisa, IT   
Pispala Tampere, FI  Pispalan harju 
Pla?a de l'Arc de Trionf Barcelona, ES   
Pla?a Sant Jaume Barcelona, ES   
Place Bellecour Lyon, FR   
Place d'Albertas Aix En Provence, FR  Rue Espariat 
Place d'Italie Paris, FR   
Place de la Com?die Montpellier, FR   
Place de la Concorde Paris, FR  Avenue Gabriel 
Place de la R?publique (Lille) Lille, FR   
Place de Terreaux Lyon, FR   
Place des Vosges Paris, FR  Quai du Marche Neuf 
Place du G?n?ral de Gaulle Lille, FR   
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