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There is something scenic and romantic about traveling by train, not to say the relaxed means, great meals and comfy berths. At Motel.com we can help you stay on track with the cheapest deals on hotel rooms along your route. Simply enter the station or the city and pull up the nearby hotels, beginning with the one closest to the station and spanning out. Whether it is your final destination, or a stop along the way, you'll find low-priced rates at quality lodgings.

Motel.com also has 36 different categories of Landmarks & Attractions to browse so you can discover the great things to see and do along the way or after the train pulls into your station. Pull up the websites, maps and more all from Motel.com's website for easy research. Soon, you will be on your way to the perfectly planned, and relaxing time. All aboard.

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Name City Address  
Sudbury Hill London, UK   
Sudbury Town London, UK   
Sully-Morland Paris, FR   
Surrey Quays London, UK   
Swiss Cottage London, UK   
T?l?graphe Paris, FR   
Tarragona Barcelona, ES   
Temple London, UK   
Temple Paris, FR   
Ternes Paris, FR   
Tetu Madrid, ES   
Tetuan Barcelona, ES   
Tirso de Molina Madrid, ES   
Tolbiac Paris, FR   
Toledo?s train station Toledo, ES   
Tooting Bec London, UK   
Tooting Broadway London, UK   
Torras i Bages Barcelona, ES   
Torrassa Barcelona, ES   
Torre Arias Madrid, ES   
Torre Bar?-Vallbona Barcelona, ES   
Tottenham Court Road London, UK   
Tottenham Hale London, UK   
Totteridge & Whetstone London, UK   
Tour St-Jacques Paris, FR   
Tournan Paris, FR   
Tower Hill London, UK   
Train Station Helsinki, FI   
Train Station Strasbourg, FR   
Train Station Ronda, ES   
Train Station Huelva, ES   
Train Station Alicante, ES   
Train Station Jaen, ES   
Train Station Granada, ES   
Train station Leon, ES   
Train Station Salamanca, ES   
Train Station Santander, ES   
Train Station San Sebastian, ES   
Train Station Pamplona, ES   
Train Station Burgos, ES   
Train station Valladolid, ES   
Train Station Aranjuez, ES   
Train Station Mulhouse, FR   
Train Station Dijon, FR   
Train Station Metz, FR   
Train Station Nancy, FR   
Train Station Colmar, FR   
Train Station Garmisch Partenkirchen, DE   
Train Station Aachen Aachen, DE   
Train Station Altona Hamburg, DE   
Train Station Arhus Arhus, DK   
Train Station Bad Harzburg Bad Harzburg, DE   
Train Station Baden-Baden Baden Baden, DE   
Train Station Bamberg Bamberg, DE   
Train Station Bayreuth Bayreuth, DE   
Train Station Bielefeld Bielefeld, DE   
Train Station Bilbao Bilbao, ES   
Train Station Dammtor Hamburg, DE   
Train Station Darmstadt Darmstadt, DE   
Train Station Detmold Detmold, DE   
Train Station Eisenach Eisenach, DE   
Train Station Erlangen Erlangen, DE   
Train Station Flensburg Flensburg, DE   
Train Station Jena Jena, DE   
Train Station Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg, DE   
Train Station Mannheim Mannheim, DE   
Train Station Munich East Munich, DE   
Train Station Neubrandenburg Neubrandenburg, DE   
Train Station Odense Odense, DK   
Train Station Ostbahnhof Berlin, DE   
Train Station Passau Passau, DE   
Train Station Quedlinburg Quedlinburg, DE   
Train Station Stralsund Stralsund, DE   
Train Station Suhl Suhl, DE   
Train Station Trier Trier, DE   
Train Station Weimar Weimar, DE   
Train Station Wernigerode Wernigerode, DE   
Train station Wiesbaden Wiesbaden, DE   
Train Station Zoologischer Garten Berlin, DE   
Trainstation Dresden Airport Dresden, DE   
Tribunal Madrid, ES   
Trinit? d'Estienne d'Orges Paris, FR   
Trinitat Nova Barcelona, ES   
Trinitat Vella Barcelona, ES   
Trocad?ro Paris, FR   
Tufnell Park London, UK   
Tuileries Paris, FR   
Turnham Green London, UK   
Turnpike Lane London, UK   
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Madrid, ES   
Universitat Barcelona, ES   
Upminster London, UK   
Upminster Bridge London, UK   
Upton Park London, UK   
Urgel Madrid, ES   
Urgell Barcelona, ES   
Urquinaona Barcelona, ES   
Usera Madrid, ES   
Uxbridge London, UK   
Val De Fontenay Paris, FR   
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