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There is something scenic and romantic about traveling by train, not to say the relaxed means, great meals and comfy berths. At Motel.com we can help you stay on track with the cheapest deals on hotel rooms along your route. Simply enter the station or the city and pull up the nearby hotels, beginning with the one closest to the station and spanning out. Whether it is your final destination, or a stop along the way, you'll find low-priced rates at quality lodgings.

Motel.com also has 36 different categories of Landmarks & Attractions to browse so you can discover the great things to see and do along the way or after the train pulls into your station. Pull up the websites, maps and more all from Motel.com's website for easy research. Soon, you will be on your way to the perfectly planned, and relaxing time. All aboard.

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Name City Address  
Main Train Station Konstanz, DE   
Main Train Station Kaiserslautern, DE   
Main Train Station Bremen, DE   
Main Train Station Kassel, DE   
Main Train Station Leverkusen, DE   
Main Train Station Cottbus, DE   
Main Train Station Greifswald, DE   
Main Train Station Chemnitz, DE   
Main Train Station Bochum Bochum, DE   
Main Train Station Bonn Bonn, DE   
Main Train Station Braunschweig Braunschweig, DE   
Main Train Station Bremerhaven Bremerhaven, DE   
Main Train Station Dortmund Dortmund, DE   
Main Train Station Duisburg Duisburg, DE   
Main Train Station Essen Essen, DE   
Main Train Station Gera Gera, DE   
Main Train Station Gotha Gotha, DE   
Main Train Station Hameln Hameln, DE   
Main Train Station Heilbronn Heilbronn, DE   
Main Train Station Hildesheim Hildesheim, DE   
Main Train Station Pforzheim Pforzheim, DE   
Main Train Station Regensburg Regensburg, DE   
Main Train Station Wittenberg Wittenberg, DE   
Mairie d'Issy Paris, FR   
Mairie d'Ivry Paris, FR   
Mairie de Clichy Paris, FR   
Mairie de Montreuil Paris, FR   
Mairie de Saint-Ouen Paris, FR   
Mairie des Lilas Paris, FR   
Maison Blanche Paris, FR   
Maisons-Alfort-Les Julliottes Paris, FR   
Maisons-Alfort-Stade Paris, FR   
Malakoff-Plateau de Vanves Paris, FR   
Malakoff-Rue ?tienne Dolet Paris, FR   
Malesherbes Paris, FR   
Manor House London, UK   
Mansion House London, UK   
Manuel Becerra Madrid, ES   
Manuela Malasa?a Madrid, ES   
Mar de Cristal Madrid, ES   
Mara?chers Paris, FR   
Maragall Barcelona, ES   
Marble Arch London, UK   
Marcadet Poissonniers Paris, FR   
Marcel Sembat Paris, FR   
Maria Cristina Barcelona, ES   
Marina Barcelona, ES   
Marqu?s de Vadillo Madrid, ES   
Marx Dormoy Paris, FR   
Marylebone London, UK   
Massy-Palaiseau Paris, FR   
Massy-Verri?res Paris, FR   
Maubert-Mutualit Paris, FR   
Men?ndez Pelayo Madrid, ES   
Mercat Nou Barcelona, ES   
Metro Amstelveenseweg Amsterdam, NL   
Metro De Vlugtlaan Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Ganzenhoef Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Heemstedestraat Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Isolatorweg Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Jan van Galenstraat Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Kraaiennest Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Over Amstel Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Postjesweg Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Sneevlietweg Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Spaklerweg Amsterdam, NL   
Metro station Gaasperplas Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Station Gein Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Strandvliet/Arena Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Venserpolder Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Waterlooplein Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Weesperplein Amsterdam, NL   
Metro Wibautstraat Amsterdam, NL   
Metropolitano Madrid, ES   
Michel Bizot Paris, FR   
Michel-Ange Auteuil Paris, FR   
Michel-Ange Molitor Paris, FR   
Miguel Hern?ndez Madrid, ES   
Mile End London, UK   
Mill Hill East London, UK   
Mirabeau Paris, FR   
Miromesnil Paris, FR   
Mitry-Claye Paris, FR   
Monceau Paris, FR   
Moncloa Madrid, ES   
Montbau Barcelona, ES   
Montgallet Paris, FR   
Montparnasse Bienven?e Paris, FR   
Monument London, UK   
Monumental Barcelona, ES   
Moorgate London, UK   
Mornington Cresent London, UK   
Mouton Duvernet Paris, FR   
Mundet Barcelona, ES   
N??ez de Balboa Madrid, ES   
N?rreport S-Train Station Copenhagen, DK   
Nationale Paris, FR   
Navas Barcelona, ES   
Neasden London, UK   
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