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In the heart of the city are museums and galleries for every taste. There are thirty plus art galleries in the downtown district and twenty plus museums. With great hotel deals in Tucson you can afford to spend more time here wandering through the sites which strike your fancy. If you love art, you may want to start on Gallery Row, especially on Thursday evenings when they stay open until 7 pm. Music lovers may wish to head for La Hacienda which highlights up and coming artists on Friday and Saturday nights. History buff? There are wonderful museums showing everything from miniature trains to Native American artifacts and just about everything in between. Tucson has a rich history in both American west, Spanish and Native cultures.

Downtown also has hike and bike trails. The Santa Cruz Trail which follows the river, is just west of the downtown district. Enjoy a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, and especially when the 500 butterflies are released from October through April when it is a touch cooler. Also right downtown is the Randolph Municipal Golf Curse, one of 26 in the greater metropolitan area.

In the heart of downtown, right off of I10 is the University of Arizona with astronomy observatories, and the University of Arizona's Museum of Art. So is the historic Rialto Theatre and the Convention Center.

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