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Bring your pets to Europe? Of course. Pets, like their owners, can travel Europe, but here are restrictions which can vary from country to country. Pet-friendly hotels have all the information on the \\\\\\\"Pet Travel Scheme\\\\\\\" or PETS rules which you need to give to your vet to ensure you and your pet travel in comfort and safety whether by car, train or airplane. Microchipping or tattooed identifications are highly recommended and vaccinations must be current. A European Union (EU) pet passport will guarantee hassle free passage to and from most countries.

The United Kingdom, which consists of Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland, allows pets to travel freely between their countries. Beginning January 1, 2012, the UK will be in sync with the rest of the EU Pet Travel Scheme. Roam the lochs and lush highlands of Scotland, the streets of London or the mountain trails of Wales. Visit castles, historic sites and trendy shops. From the white cliffs of Dover and the beachside communities of Cornwall and the lakes around Keswick, you and your pet will find plenty to see and do. There are over 1200 pet-friendly communities in the UK.

Come to the land of wine, arts, fashions and fabulous foods - France. Pets are everywhere on the streets of Paris, the beaches of Cannes and the wine country in the south of Lyons.

Spain has pet-friendly attractions, low-cost hotels and parks throughout its main cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Spain\\\\\\\'s warmer weather and Mediterranean breezes attract travelers year round, as does the festive culture and Moorish influenced architecture and arts.

If the Disney dogs Lady and the Tramp liked a romantic Italian atmosphere, why wouldn’t your pet? In Rome alone, there are 150 plus pet-friendly hotels and motels with low cost room rates. Visit centuries of art, culture and the Vatican in this ancient city. Then travel the canals of romantic Venice or the epitome of the Renaissance movement in the northern hills of Florence. You\\\\\\\'ll find almost as many pet-friendly attractions and hotels in Italy as restaurants serving spaghetti and meatballs.


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