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If you are traveling in the United States with a pet and you are looking for a pet friendly hotel that offers great rates, we are here to help. Motel.com offers discounted hotel rates at numerous pet friendly hotels throughout the United States. We have identified pet friendly hotels in most every city in the United States and we can help you quickly locate a low-cost room on the days you want to travel with our quick and easy hotel and motel search. Just enter the city, the dates and check the box next to the doggie - it\'s that easy.

Motel.com not only provides you with quality, cheaply priced, pet-friendly hotels, but locations of the latest trend in pet travel — the off-leash dog parks. Most of the major metropolitan cities from Los Angeles to New York City, from Arizona to Florida and every state in between has fenced in, off-leash bark parks. Many have attractions to which you can take Fido, as long as he or she is leashed and well behaved. Most city parks, state reserves, national parks and RV parks, as well as several beaches, accept animals on public trails under the watchful eye of their responsible owners.

Traveling with the whole family, including your pets, is the American way of life. At Motel.com, we\'ll help you find the best deals on low-priced, comfortable lodgings that are pet-friendly and clean. Many of the hotels will have information on local vets, pet supply stores, even doggie day cares near amusement parks and attractions. So, don’t leave your best friends at home, with relatives, or in expensive, cramped kennels. Bring them along as you travel across this great country of amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty from Alaska to Hawaii, Florida to Oregon, or Michigan to Texas and have a star-spangled great time.

United States

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