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Canada is a vast country with multi-cultural roots. The eastern part of Canada, especially in the province of Quebec, they speak French as well as English. A commonwealth of the United Kingdom, Canada offers snow, beaches, plains, mountains and forests to experience. It also has huge metropolitan centers which draw tourists from all over the world. The country cherishes its First Nations' heritage as well as its ties to France and England. Each province is unique and worth exploring from the coastlines of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia to the arctic Hudson Bay area to the vast mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver.

Alberta in Western Canada is home to Calgary, the sponsor of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. Alberta provides wonderful outdoor recreation year round from skiing and snow sledding to hiking and fishing. Its provincial forests and national parks around Jasper beckon nature lovers of all ages. But Alberta has a western flair as well with rodeos, ranches and cattle. The capital of Edmonton is steeped in history, museums and the cultural arts.

British Columbia on the Pacific coast is known for its booming metropolis of Vancouver, home to the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the gardens on the island of Victoria. The snowcapped mountain ranges make some of the best skiing on the continent, and the beaches and forested city parks of Vancouver delight any traveler to come take a stroll. In Vancouver, visit one of the largest Chinatowns in North America, museums, trendy shopping and fabulous theatres. You can find great deals on hotel rooms with ocean or mountain views.

Ontario is just across the border from New York state. It shares Niagara Falls and some of the Great Lakes with the USA. Toronto has over 5 million people and rivals New York in tall buildings, fashion and the arts. But much of Ontario is also a pristine wilderness of forested mountains and tundra plains as well as lakeside towns loved by sports and nature enthusiasts worldwide.

Quebec is the French influenced province of Canada and also the name of its main city. This is the most populated province in Canada and its history is vast. Visit Montreal, the main entry port from the United States into the province. You can find deeply discounted hotel rates here as well as sports, shopping, fabulous dining and sidewalk cafes with a European flair. Year round, the city can be accessed by massive temperature controlled tunnels downtown connecting thousands of businesses, stores, restaurants and theatres.

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