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Because of improved global relations, more and more people are touring this vast and ancient land, full of heritage, culture and technology. Entry visas are simple to get and hotel prices are lower than you'd imagine. From mountains to deserts, to rivers and ocean harbors, come explore this third largest country in the world. Here you will find great food, fabulous shopping and absorb the ancient Oriental traditions surrounding the temples, the art and music, and daily philosophies of life.

Host to the 2008 Olympics,Beijing is the capital and also where the Great Wall of China can be explored, just a short drive outside the city. Once called the "Forbidden City" because it housed the royal families in seclusion during the Ming and Qing dynasties, it is a modern city with hidden jewels like museums, temples, Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace. Take a day trip into quaint villages on the outskirts on the way to the Great Wall.

Shanghai, located on the Yangtze River, blends modern shopping and business with ancient temples, traditions and culture. Take the river cruise to get an overall feel of this massive city, then tour the museums. Shop along the fashionable Nanjing Road, or stroll through the pagodas and blossoming trees in Longhua Park. Venture into the surrounding "water" towns to discover castles, beautiful gardens, tea plantations and friendly people.

Shenzhen is on the mainland side opposite Hong Kong. Once a sleepy port, it is now a vibrant, bustling harbor. Here you can find international businesses, theme parks and discounted hotel rooms. Even Chinese citizens venture here to go shopping in the Luoho and Wow districts. Ride to the top of the Meridian View Center to see a panoramic view of the area, and take a serene stroll in the greenscape known as Xaio Mei Sha locked between lush mountains and the sea.


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