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Mexico is the country to visit. Even if you don't speak Spanish, it is one of the friendliest countries with some of the best offers on hotel rates in International travel. Get beyond the border trouble and into the safety of interior Mexico. Here you'll finds a land of beaches, tropical forests, picturesque mountain pueblos, ancient ruins and festive fiestas.

The capital city is Mexico City, built by the Aztec king where he had a vision of an eagle killing a snake. The Mexican national flag reflects that legend. This is a busy, modern city with fabulous art, natural history museums and historical cathedrals. Take a tour of the canal, and then visit the many gardens and plazas. Tour Chapultepec Park. Explore the Aztec pyramids and ruins just a short day trip south. You can find great rates on hotel rooms and easy transportation by taxi or the subway system. Reputable taxis have regulated fares and can be found stationed at the "sitios".

The beaches beckon you at Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay, on the Pacific side of the country. A true resort atmosphere, you can find golf, tennis, scuba diving, and of course, basking in lounge chairs with tropical drinks at hand. Watch dolphins play or take a whale watching cruise. Consider a day trip inland to the silver shops around San Sebastian.

Perched on the tip of Baja, the thin peninsula south of California, is Los Cabos, which consists of two resort villages, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Here you can find all the amenities from spas to nightclubs, trendy shopping to water sports. Kayak, ride wave runners or windsurf. Take a deep sea fishing cruise. Oh, yes there are golf courses as well. This resort mecca has it all.

On the Gulf of Mexico side is the tropical paradise of Cancun. Besides low-priced hotel rooms, you will discover a vibrant nightlife, fabulous foods and a true Caribbean feel. From beach side vendors to gourmet restaurants, Cancun has it. With mild weather year round and crystal aqua seas, this resort village on the Yucatan has hidden lagoons, coral reefs and islands to hop just minutes from your motel room. Or, take a tour into the rain forest for bird watching before dinner in one of the fabulous restaurants overlooking the ocean.


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