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From sea to shining sea, you will discover exciting places to visit in the United States. Whether you start out in New-York or Miami on the East Coast, or Los Angeles on the West Coast, you can find deeply discounted deals on hotel rooms across the country.

If you love the great outdoors, you can find them in the United States—from the beaches to the mountains, from the Grand Canyon to the open plains, from the icebergs in Alaska to the warm volcanic-rich sands of Hawaii. The country is full of natural wonders and national parks to explore. At Motel.com, we can find you the best deals on low-cost, quality hotel rooms close to where you want to travel.

Americans love to shop, and the stores in the U.S.A. are brimming with everything from homemade quilts to native American goods, colonial antiques to the trendiest fashions. Wander through quaint downtown shops and one of a kind boutiques, or spend time in the mega malls. Tour wineries, farms and orchards. And if you like amusement, there is a major theme park in almost every state. There are casinos as well, such as those in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Louisiana and Oklahoma. And of course, the United States has some of the best and varied dining in the world from chicken fried everything in the South to spicy Cajun along the Gulf, Lobster "up East" and Tex-Mex food along the border.

Nothing is more American than music, from opera to blue grass, country western to hard rock. If you are looking for country western in Nashville alternative sounds in Austin, or Jazz on the streets of New Orleans, the United States' night air is filled with music from Broadway to Hollywood. Enjoy open air free concerts in the city parks, philharmonic performances in period theaters, or big ticket concerts in stadiums and expo centers which hold thousands of fans.

Speaking of stadiums, you name the sport and you can find it in the United States, from football to hockey, tennis to fishing, skiing to surfing. From little league baseball in neighborhood parks, to the crack of the bat in Wrigley Field or Yankee Stadium, sports are a major part of American life. You can find great deals on motel rooms just blocks from all the action in any part of the United States. Let Motel.com show you how....


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