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Hotels near Amridge University in Montgomery, AL

Amridge University was founded, in 1967, as the Alabama School of Religion. Amridge University has colleges in business and leadership, general studies, human services and theology. It is a coeducational school dedicated to Christian ideals. Amrdige is authorized by the Higher Education Commissions of Arizona, Tennessee, Idaho, and Utah. The University presents a variety of viewpoints but believes that Biblical evidence confirms certain key positions. It is a non-profit, private school.

Amridge offers incentives, scholarships, discounts and awards which depend on the student's grades, enrollment status, location and class status. The Turner School of Theology (founded by Rex Allwin Turner and his wife, Opal Shipp Turner) offers seminary training with many ministry and theology degrees. The school offers online programs in addition to on-campus programs. Rex Allwin Turner was the original President. His son was the second President. Michael Clark Turner is the current President.

The campus is near Auburn University in Montgomery. It consists of a two-story building, named after Morgan W. Brown. The library holds 80,000 titles and has links to many other libraries. Faculty are encouraged to teach in foreign countries. The University is involved in 41 foreign countries. Many of the students serve in a church ministry.

Montgomery, Alabama is the state capital. With a population over 200,000 it is the second largest city in Alabama. Birmingham is the largest Alabama city. It has a large military presence, in addition to its government agency presence. Agriculture is a main industry. Crops include peanuts, cotton and soybeans. There are many hotels near the University.

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