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Hotels near Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL

Edward Waters College, started in 1866, is a private school located in Jacksonville, Florida. The school began as Brown Theological Institute. It changed its name several times until getting its current name in honor of African Methodist Episcopal bishop, Edward Waters. In 1955, the two-year college was accredited and in 1959 it began offering a four-year curriculum of studies. In 1979 the four-year program was accredited and bachelor's degrees were offered. After a dispute arose in the between 2004 and 2006, the school's accreditation was approved again in 2006.

Edward Waters Colleges rests on 60 acres. It uses a semester based schedule. Tuition and fees for 2012-2013 were over $11,000. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students at Edward Waters College are eligible for health insurance though students are not allowed to drink alcohol on campus (even those of legal age). The University does offer around the clock security. Sports teams play in the NAIA (the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) athletic conference. The sports team nickname is the Tigers.

Several Edward Waters University President's helped shape its current path. Dr. Jimmy Jenkins (1997 to 2005) helped to increase the number of students at the school and to raise the school's standards. Dr. Claudette Williams (2007-2010) was the first woman to head the University. She left to become a VP for a Southern education association. Nat Glover is the current President. An alumni of the school, he assumed the position on February 12, 2011. The oldest building at the school is Centennial Hall which was built in 1916. It is home to a wonderful African Art collection. The building is on the US National Register of Historic Places. Buck O'Neill, who was one of the star black baseball player commentators for Ken Burns' Baseball series, attended the school but did not graduate. Alumni who did graduate include Betty Holzendorf, a former state congresswoman and NFL running back Jim Butler.

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