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Hotels near Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL

Founded in 1867, Alabama State University is a school rich with history and culture, in a location that is able to boast the same qualities. Situated in Montgomery, Alabama, the state's capital and second-biggest city, Alabama State's campus and surroundings have a number of attractive qualities for college students and visiting friends and family. The average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit makes exploring the city and campus a year-round possibility. The riverfront location gives way to nearby Gulf Coast Beaches and a scenic two-hour drive to one of the South's most revered cities: Atlanta, Georgia.

Though the school was initially for African American students, they now welcome students of all races, ensuring a culturally diverse atmosphere for students to forge life long bonds and learn in. A faculty to student ratio of 20 to 1 allows for an intimate experience in which academics take center stage. For students who wish to live on campus, ASU has over a dozen dorm buildings to accommodate. Suite-style rooms, furniture, parking and laundry amenities are available as well as dining facilities. On-campus living is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Though they don't officially sponsor any off-campus locations, there are a number of options within Montgomery, AL that will allow students comfortable and affordable residences. Hotels nearby Alabama State University are aplenty and offer different styles and price-points to suit the different needs of prospective students, current students and their visitors.

Student life both on campus and off, in Montgomery, can be as socially active or academic as students choose. There are over 70 student organizations, fraternities, sororities and 18 intercollegiate sports. The university also has a number of yearly, traditional events centered around mascot pride, sporting events and holidays. There is also an official parents day for students to welcome their visiting family and show them around Alabama State's impressive campus and Montgomery's culturally rich community.

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